Gallie Live Concert Stream From Australia

Duranbah, Duranbah, NSW

Live Concert Stream The next few weeks are going to be a tough time for everyone. Both with the health risks and the economic effect that is going to have on all of us. The self employed will be especially hit hard. Hairdressers, small shop owners, coffee shops and restaurant owners. As a self employed musician we are going to be hit pretty hard too. Concerts and festivals have been cancelled already and it looks like this will continue for the foreseeable future. So if people can't come to see concerts I thought why not bring the concert to you. So on the 11th of April I will be doing a house concert here in NSW Australia and I will live stream it for the world to see. With the ticket price you will receive a code which will allow you to view the show. And don't worry if about the time difference, with this code you can watch the concert at any time in any time zone, at your own convenience.

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