Caravan Music Club Nov' 2018

New five song Ep Released 2019


I can't believe its been three years since the launch of my record 'The Occoquan River'.
What a great night, I just wish I wasn't so nervous, I might of enjoyed it a bit more.
Thanks to everyone that came and indeed everyone that has come to all the shows over the last three years.
What a journey! From crowdfunding and raising $15000 to make the record and starting a dream.
Since then There have been sold out shows, tours up and down the east coast, a tour of the west coast,
played numerous festivals all over Australia, played in America,
France, a tour of Brazil and my homeland Ireland with my good friend Shane and my
big brother who came along as a roadie, (he was useless, good craic but useless).
Got some amazing reviews from some of the most influential people in the industry, played with some of the best musicians on the planet, met a lot of beautiful people and made some lifelong friends on the road.
Thank you all, here's to everyone of you.
Now onto part two, a new EP, Tours of Ireland, England, Germany and France then back to Aus to do it all again.
See you all on the road somewhere. Slainte

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