This Side Of The River---single 2018

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‘This Side Of The River’ is the first single from the new five song EP recorded by Gallie.The single will be officially launched in Melbourne on the 4th of November in the Caravan Music Club East Bentleigh. It will be a special setup with Gallie and his four piece band playing on the floor with the audience seated in a 360 degree circle around them (Bluebird Cafe style).

This new recording is a collection of songs recorded in Melbourne August 2018 and is the first of two EPs planned for release in 2019.

"There is a walk I used to take in Dublin, from Amiens St station up to Henry St, towards Mary st, across the Ha'penny bridge through Merchants arch and onto the Southside of the city. Dublin is a city of contrasts. It is a beautiful old city, full of music and poetry, art and rebels, junkies and thieves, violence and crime and the rain, and that walk has it all, the full spectrum, having to keep your guard up, keeping an eye over your shoulder, listening to music coming out of every pub, then everything changes you walk through Merchants arch and people's clothes seem to fit better, their shoes are not so worn, all of a sudden you start to feel more relaxed, not so on edge, you can let your guard down (just a little). It's that walk that inspired this song. Thinking about my family, where I grew up, what we had to do to get what we needed, it was a lot different to what some of the folks in different parts of the city had to do."........Gallie

After the release of the critically acclaimed album 'The Occoquan River' 2015, Gallie has been going from strength to strength, playing festivals and selling out shows in his adopted town of Melbourne and up & down the east & west coasts of Australia.
He returned home to tour Ireland in early 2018 where his album received some amazing reviews from the Irish music press. Three songs from the album made it onto the RTE national playlist where they stayed for a number of weeks.

In November 2018 Gallie will be touring Brazil as well as headlining the folk stage at the 'Mississippi Delta Blues Festival' in Caxais Do Sol in Southern Brazil. (One of Gallie's videos went mini viral down there last year getting over 40,000 views in one week and gathered enough interest for him to get asked to play this years MDBF). December 2018 will see Gallie relocating to France where he will be based for the first half of 2019 while touring and playing festivals throughout Europe, including Ireland, England, France, Scandinavia and Germany.
He returns to Australia mid winter, with tours planned for the east and west coast as well as all the major cities.


The single and EP was recorded in Aviary Studios Melbourne with Fraser Montgomery producing and mixing.                                                     Mastered by Adam Dempsey @ Deluxe Mastering.
Colin Berwick Piano
Jen Anderson Fiddle
Tristan Courtney Double Bass.
Paddy Montgomery Guitars/mandolin
Danny McKenna Drums
Gallie Vocals/ guitars

The single will be launch 4/11/18 @ The Caravan Music  
Doors @ 2:30pm
To download high quality wav files of
the song go to

For Interviews and more info
Contact Darren Gallagher
Ph 0424715000


Live at The Caravan Music Club with Jen Anderson

Live at The Caravan Music Club with Jen Anderson

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Cover for the single 'This Side Of The River'

Cover for the single 'This Side Of The River'


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