1. Louisa's Bed

Opening track on the album 'Occoquan River'


Lying in the dawn awake in Lousia's bed
Listening to the warning dogs howl the morning red
I was thinking of running which way is best
This shadow has been with me all my day and I need my rest

But I'm going nowhere
There's nowhere I'd rather be
It's just a little storm
That's hanging over you and me
And when these tempest seas come to ease
Would you lie next to me

Come lie next to me

Rising in the morning and the cars all take their place in line
Taillights glowing like fireflies in the night
And you your always on my mind
A river running through slow deep and wide
So you wanna fly high run or lie
Some of us just wanna be
hang on hang on
Walk the line
Chasing dreams
Wasting time
Fighting demons in their score
That were past down from the ones before
And the million voices inside your head
Will one day sound the silence bell
Then I'll hold you close until the dawn comes creeping up in our December morn
Then maybe we will see
These tempest seas
Come to ease

And you'll lie next to me

Come lie next to me
And You'd lie next to me